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Digital Art Process

To create my artwork I used an application called Autodesk Sketchbook. I formed this work on an iPad. I used multiple brushes, pens, and washes for a detailed graphic. The first step in my process is my outline using only lines with a fine line pen. I created a separate layer with only color. I duplicated the color layer after locking my original and added another color to create the effect of shading in my image. I used the tone effect in the foreground then added shine for the effect of stars. To finalize my image and make it more appealing, I used the color burn layer on top of my lineart which brightened the subject.

About the layers:

I used 8 layers total. I normally use a sketch layer, then when I get the line art done I hide the layer so it cannot be seen. All the layers I have are all important to this piece in particular. I used screenshots to show the entire process of my artwork.


First I chose the background color, it’s a deep red/maroon. Then I added the blue in front of it to add texture to the sky.




layer 2

This was the sketch layer of the subject. Once I get the line art done I normally hide it.




Layer 3

Then I would create the line art, in this piece I colored the line art and then used color burn to make the line art look more eye pleasing instead of plain black




layer 4

This was the color layer. I created the character in this work, her name is Khaos. I made her when I was younger and have continued to draw her since then. I took the colors directly off the reference sheet that I made for her.




layer 5

This is the shading layer, I duplicated the color layer and colored over it with a red violet. Then I moved the opacity to 34% so the shading did not overpower everything else.




layer 6

This was a layer for the stars, I added a little white and then used the “Sparkle” tool to make the stars.




layer 7

This layer was specifically for the detailed highlights on her ear piercing, nose, and eye.




Layer 8

This was to add a few more highlights. I wanted to really bring out the color. I also used this layer to add my signature. I made the opacity 39% so the white wasn’t overpowering.